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Protect Your Investment with Emerald Glen Title Agency’s Comprehensive Title Insurance Services

When it comes to purchasing residential or commercial real estate, buyers want to be certain they are making a sound investment.

This is one of the biggest and most important purchases of your life, and it deserves customized treatment.

It’s therefore crucial to choose a title company that commits time and expertise toward providing high-quality real estate title services.

At Emerald Glen Title Agency, our highly experienced team offers a complete range of title services to consumers, realtors, lenders, builders, investors, and For Sale by Owners.

In order to guide our clients with purchasing the residential or commercial properties they desire, our seasoned title agents:

  • Conduct thorough title examinations
  • Issue Owner’s Title Policies to purchasers and Loan Title Policies to lenders
  • Skillfully prepare closing statements
  • Seamlessly oversee the process for residential, commercial, refinance and construction loan closings

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Emerald Glen Title Agency Supports and Safeguards Ohio’s Homebuyers

When our clients are interested in purchasing a residential or commercial property, we take every step necessary to ensure the title is clear. Having a clear title means the property is free from any issue that would compromise ownership. This process includes revealing other individuals, companies, or government entities with any rights, liens, or claims to the property.

Our expert team conducts extensive research of relevant public records to determine who may have an interest in the property. We go back decades to check for deeds, bankruptcy filings, divorce decrees, wills, easements, restrictions, or other issues that may have been recorded throughout the property’s history.

With this information, we can effectively inform our clients of any obstacle that could impact the title transfer. Even the smallest dispute will need to be resolved in order for the title to be effectively transferred to a new owner. We ensure that our clients are made aware of all issues in an accurate and timely manner. We work with the customer to solve any issues that may arise after the title exam is completed.

We guide our clients through the details of the title commitment and let them know of any items required and steps needed to ensure a clear title.

Part of our real estate title insurance services includes providing our clients with a formal title commitment. This commitment illustrates the condition of the title as it currently is and divulges any items that can affect the transfer of the property title. The commitment addresses any requirements that need to be completed prior to issuing a title insurance policy.

We provide our clients with reliable, extensive title insurance policies

When we transfer real estate for our clients, we are prepared to safeguard them from the unexpected. A title insurance policy issued by Emerald Glen Title Agency is an added layer of protection against financial loss and related legal expenses due to defects in a property title. 

Traditional insurance, such as life, auto, health, and home, protects against future occurrences.  Title insurance protects against past occurrences. Claims filed against a title can include issues such as liens, conflicting wills, clerical errors, and delinquent taxes. These claims can have significant financial consequences and can result in the loss of the property.

Emerald Glen Title Agency is committed to ensuring that our clients’ interests are protected, and that the transfer of the property title occurs efficiently.

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Escrow Services:

Our escrow services include professionally handling all details and paperwork involved in title transfer, as well as protecting our clients against issues of fraud. We utilize state-of-the-art security to hold and protect all funds and documents, and distribute them appropriately once all conditions of the transaction have been satisfied. Our agents work hard to safeguard a secure and stress-free transaction for our clients.

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For Sale by Owner Services:

In the event you decide not to use a Realtor’s services, our title agency can provide a range of services to assist with the uncertainty of handling the sale on your own. During a For Sale By Owner transaction, we provide title searches, escrow services, closing services, and title insurance. We also provide a purchase agreement template, as well as a net proceeds sheet for the seller and a closing cost sheet for the buyer. Title Insurance protects the buyer against unforeseen claims following the transaction. With our guidance, clients will experience a seamless closing process on their For Sale By Owner property.

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